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Nintendo DS Games & Applications

Games and applications that use the DS Motion Pak are featured here. More will be added as they are created. To add your game, submit it to the email address in the Quick Start Guide.

SpoutDS Tilt (zip)
(source code included)
Get as high as you possibly can, without crashing running out of time. Tilt to change the ship's direction, and press A or B to accelerate.
Based on SpoutDS
WaterDrops Tilt (zip)
(source code included)
Draw water drops with the stylus, and move them around the screen by tilting.
Based on Davr's Drops Demo
DSaSketch (zip)
(source code included)
Draw a picture by holding the L or R button and twisting the DS.
Based on the popular Etch A Sketch Toy
DSaber (zip)
(source code included)
Use your DS as a Light Saber by swinging it around


Source Code (zip)

Created by davr - roll marbles around on the screen. Press A to spawn more marbles.



Created by Thomas Hopper - Tech demo/shooter
See website for directions

DoubleSkill Motion (zip)

Source Code (zip)

Created by Mollusk - keep both balls safe. It is harder than it sounds.

CarreRouge Motion (zip)

Source Code (zip)

Created by Mollusk - Keep the red square away from the blue squares by tilting.

MotionDraw 2 (zip)

Source Code (zip)

Created by Mollusk - tilt to draw


Created by spinal_cord

Circular Defense Motion (zip)

Source Code (zip)

Created by Mollusk - Protect the planet. Tilting left/right controls the green shield, tilting fore/aft controls the yellow shield
Mental Pong (zip)
Created by Mollusk - Careful, the controls change every 10 points
SpoutEx (zip)
Created by Alekmaul - Get as high as you possibly can, without crashing running out of time. Tilt to change the ship's direction, and press A or B to accelerate. This version has sound.

Holiday Toss (rar)

Source Code (rar)

Created by Jess Telford - Kick the Elf as far as possible. A Drunken Coders 2007 Competition Entry.
Physics Demo (zip)
Created by Sirpoonga - a physics demo simulation of the classic wooden labyrinth game.
Pixel Bounce (zip)
Tilt the DS around to roll the pixels - create interesting, colorful designs.  
Triple Rotation (zip)
Tilt the DS in all directions to rotate all three pieces exactly the correct number of times.
Difficult game to learn, but easy once you learn how to do it.

Shake teh bottal (zip)
Created by bassacegold - shake the DS and watch as a bottle on it explodes!
Eclipse Driving (7z)
Created by mastertop101 - Exciting automobile racing game. Twist the DS to steer

DiggerDS (7z)

Source code (7z)

Created by Sektor - dig around the map and eat all the emeralds or kill all the hobbins/nobbins to pass a level

Updated to support DS Motion Pak

A PC game that uses the DS with DS Motion Card as an external tilt controller
Cube Breakout (zip)

Created by sephiroth ff7 - 3D and 4D breakout type game - tilt the DS to influence the ball

Supports DS Motion Pak

DiagnoSe (zip)

Created by SpinalCord - Diagnosis tool for DS - includes DS Motion Card and DS Motion Pak tester

Supports DS Motion Pak

Sleeper Killer (zip)

Created by mastertop101 - DS alarm clock with special features meant to limit the amount of time you waste by sleeping

Supports DS Motion Pak

DS MasterPlus (zip)

Created by Alekmaul - Sega game Gear / Master System console emulator that supports motion control

Supports DS Motion Pak

Whee! DS 2 (rar)

Created by Tassu - Race with your spaceship on the surface of an alien planet. Use boosters and weapons to beat your opponents and unlock new race tracks. Control the ship by tilting the DS

Supports DS Motion Pak

Codename Hacker (zip)

Created by Alekmaul - You have to collect a set amount of chips on every level,not necessarily all of them - move with the D-pad, stylus, or motion control

Supports DS Motion Pak

Sliding O' Mania (zip - no game save)

Sliding O' Mania (zip - with game save)

Created by Kukulcan - Sliding tile puzzle game - tilt to move tile

Supports DS Motion Pak

BrickFall LP-3 (zip)

Created by Bassacegold - Tilt to guide the square through a maze of platforms without letting it hit the top of the screen

Supports DS Motion Pak

NDS Tilt Pad (zip)

Created by KeithE - Turn your DS into a USB motion sensing game pad/joystick - no drivers required

See forum topic for instructions

X-Mas Gifts (nds)

X-Mas Gifts (ds.gba)

Created by Programix - ride past windows of houses and throw gifts into peoples windows by moving your DS

Supports DS Motion Pak

TiltingLabirinth 0.3 (zip)

Created by Programix - Tilt your DS to move the blue square into the finish, collecting some objects and avoiding others

Supports DS Motion Pak

Protein DScratch (link to website)

Created by Gorgull - audio manipulation software for Nintendo DS that can be motion controlled

Supports DS Motion Pak

Pocket Physics (zip)

Created by 0xtob - A physical construction kit for your pocket. Draw objects with the stylus and make them physical by pressing the play button. Manipulate gravity with a DS motion sensor

Supports DS Motion Pak

Snowflakes (zip)

Created by Melw - Collect snowflakes by rolling a snow ball, and in the end roll a giant snow man! Tilt the DS to control. A Drunken Coders 2007 Competition Entry.

Supports DS Motion Pak

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