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Android Blackbox (Recorder) for your car

If you are in an accident, you will have a video of what happened. If you use your Android phone as your car navigation system, you can run Blackbox in the background to:

  • Record your drive. Blackbox records driving video in a 1 minute loop. If something happens in front of you (like an accident), and you want to record what happened, tap your phone to save the last minute of video.
  • Detect collisions. Blackbox automatically saves the last minute segment of video when a collision is detected.
  • Share your captured video. Send the captured video via email, text, or YouTube, or Facebook.

The sensitivity of the collision sensor can be calibrated.

Please noteSome early car mount holders cover the camera lens. For these car mount holders to work, you will have to drill a hole in the car mount holder to uncover the camera’s lens.


Share your captured video

Screen 1


The collision sensor can be calibrated to your phone's optimum sensitivity.

Screen 1


Blackbox also provides a link to our free CRADAR application. If CRADAR is running in the background, a collision will also trigger an automatic text to be sent to one of you emergency contacts, with a link to Google Maps to show them exactly where you are.

Screen 1

To read more about CRADAR, click here.


Blackbox is a free application for Android. You can use your Android phone and tap the QR code, search the Marketplace for ActionXL, or scan this QR code with your phone using any barcode scanning application.

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