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AirTime for Android

Air Time


You jumped the headwall and caught sick air. But how much air exactly?

Now you'll know, and you can prove it!

Air Time will tell you how long you were in the air to the hundredth of a second. Now you can track all of your jumps on an entire run. Snowboards, Skis, Motocross, BMX, Skateboards ... you name it. If it jumps, Air Time can tell you how long you were in the air.

AirTime measures exactly how much air you caught off that last jump by measuring how long the accelerometer stops sensing acceleration and starts detecting freefall.

We use the accelerometer in your phone to track the time from when you launch to when you land.


Your time is measured and recorded for each jump. When the run is over, you can see how much airtime you got off each jump. At the end of your run, you can see, and save, your entire run.

Air Time is a free application for Android. Use your Android phone and tap the QR code, search the Marketplace for ActionXL, or scan the QR code with any barcode scanning application.

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